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Automotive Systems – TrafficNav

Automotive Systems

Automotive Systems

In-dash GPS/Satnav units has been acknowledged as most accurate and reliable. Mobile apps and personal navigation devices came in a versatile and portable fashion offering various real-time services from the beginning. Nowadays car owners are demanding similarly rich Location Based services including real time traffic information, speed cameras and so.

TrafficNav is in close cooperation with most major and local map data providers and software solution developers. Therefore it usually only takes two steps from decision making to effectively implementing TMC service in automotive systems – as technical implementation is mostly done or can be done remarkably quickly. Due to TrafficNav’s two-step workflow automotive players in the industry can make sure that their TMC coverage is complete in all TrafficNav’s Service Territories.

For more information on advantages of TrafficNav TMC service please read more here:

RDS-TMC service for automotive sector 2016Q1 final