Wednesday, 30 May 2012 10:00

30/5/2012 Budapest

TMC service (Traffic Message Channel) road traffic information broadcasted via FM radio signals to GPS navigation devices is being introduced in Romania by TrafficNav, in cooperation with Media Pro by ProFM, and ETA Automatizari Industriale , the creator of SafeFleet System, providing traffic information in Romania.

The project started back in 2011 and the system became operational in May 2012. Real time TMC traffic service is already available in Bucharest. Nationwide availability is planned within a few weeks' time from the initial start of the service.

TrafficNav has already a great deal of experience as it already started traffic service over the past few years in Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Ireland, Greece and Turkey.

TMC signals can be received and the real time traffic data can be displayed by GPS devices like Garmin, iGO and so. Some of these devices come with built in TMC receivers while others can be operated with an attached external TMC receiver.

SafeFleet GPS has over 18 000 vehicles equipped with GPS tracking systems that provide real time FCD (Floating Car Data) that is processed and distributed as traffic flow and event information by TrafficNav Ltd. The data is broadcasted over MediaPro's radio network via RDS. This way motorists can be informed in real time about traffic jams, road blocks, accidents as well as they can take actual traffic conditions in consideration while planning their routes.

Navigation devices can calculate optimized routes taking actual traffic conditions in consideration at all times or they can simply offer suggestions for drivers to avoid traffic when possible. Another useful feature of the standard TMC service is that traffic messages are compiled and displayed in the language of the user. Therefore if a foreigner drives through Romania, traffic information will be displayed in their own language

About TrafficNav

Founded in 2007, TrafficNav Kft (Ltd) with head office in Hungary provides commercial real time traffic information services via RDS-TMC and mobile internet in several countries, including Hungary, the Republic of Ireland, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Portugal and Romania. In addition to traffic incident information sourced from government organisations and road users, TrafficNav is also at the forefront of generating and delivering traffic flow information based on fleet and smartphone probes, using its proprietary Floating Car Data (FCD) processing engine.

ETA Automatizari Industriale is the market leader in Romania in GPS tracking systems for vehicles. SafeFleet system is installed in nearly 20,000 vehicles in the country and abroad. The company has a turnover of 2 million euros per year, 30 employees and sales offices in Italy (Palermo, Ancona), Prishtina (Kosovo) and Georgia. The company is engaged in the design and implementation of testing in Europe (including Romania) eCall road safety. Customers include companies such as Rio, Bukovina, Raiffeisen Bank, Unicredit Apanova, Petrofac, Chemirol, Lidl, Libra Bank, UPC, B & B Collection, Romturingia, Touring Rent Auto, Quadrifoglio, etc.

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